Coffee table book

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A coffee table book is an often oversize, hardcover book that is easiest perused when it lies flat on a table. Usually these books are printed on glossy art paper and a high ratio of photographs and illustrations to text. Coffee table books are considered the ideal format in which to present the work of artists or architects, for example. However, a coffee table book could present any subject, from antique carpets or cars , to wildlife or aquatic environments, or even be a work of art itself, with innovative layout, typography, and design.

Coffee tables books are sometimes considered inferior to text-heavy books in terms of the information they disseminate, with the text perceived as simplistic or inadequate. This is many times an unfounded criticism, though, because large-format books with high quality printing are the only way to truly present exceptional graphic design, photography, or other art forms. Strategically chosen and placed coffee table books can play a considerable role in interior design, though this is frowned upon by purists who suspect pretension. It is also argued that while any table would be suitable for the display of an oversize picture book, people specifically place them on coffee tables as conversation starters, to share with friends, or to look through at leisure.