Cabinet (computer)

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A Cabinet is a part of the furniture category and when used in reference to computers, it implies a huge closet which can stock computers and related equipment. A cabinet for keeping computers is a part of storage furniture. It is movable in nature.

The modern cabinet follows certain standards, which is set by a body called the Electronic Industries Alliance. This standardization makes storage of computers and other computer equipment in a manufacturer’s cabinet relatively simple which optimum utilization of space. Among other standards, the chief design norms are as follows :

  • Access to equipment – The primary factor to be kept in mind while designing a cabinet is that all equipment should be readily accessible. Too many varieties and number of latches and locks limit easy access, making it cumbersome.
  • Cable access – This factor should be looked into. The bottom of the cabinet should be open, to allow external wires and cables to drop though a raised platform.
  • Airflow – Cabinets should be so designed that they can be kept side – by – side (the sides should be plain with nothing jutting out at odd angles). This helps the air to flow in a vertical column. There should be mounting brackets and vents provided for the fans.
  • Mounting Brackets – If a variety of computer equipment of various shapes and sizes need to be installed in different configurations, sufficient mounting brackets along with mounting holes at standard intervals and at standard spacings need to be put in.
  • Grounding – The mounting brackets should be made of a material that conducts electricity. They will act as grounding strips for the cabinet and all stored equipment. In this way, the entire cabinet can be connected to the building ground thus making it completely safe.

The most popular type of cabinet today is one known as the “EIA standard” also called the “19 – inch rackmount cabinet”. It is so called because the internal width of the cabinet is approximately 19 inches (from one mounting bracket to the other mounting bracket). All varieties of “Rackmount” computers and their equipment are standardized to fir into this width and their mounting holes are accordingly made to fit exactly into the mounting brackets. The height of the computer is usually measured in the unit known as ‘U’s’, where 1U is equal to 1.75 inches.