Beach buggy

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The term Beach Buggy has two meanings. After the second World War it was used to describe a vehicle used for ocean surf fishing on the East Coast of America. Nowadays, beach buggies are vehicles that use Volkswagen Beetle chassis and that are re-bodied with an open, fibreglass shell.

The first model ever built was constructed by Bruce Meyers in California, in the early 60's. Nobody expected that the beach buggies would be so popular. They quickly became very common in beach areas and popular in most sunny areas. Also, there are several models today that are available for purchase. Some of them are convertible while others are not. Although the Volkswagen motor is characteristic and classic, we can notice a constant increase in manufacturers interested in the market. This translates in the replacement of the motor with other types. The most popular models at the moment are the battery engine propelled ones.

The UK Beach Buggy Market

Although nowadays people don't buy beach buggies as much as they did in the past, in the United Kingdom we are noticing a huge increase in sales. This rise has been constant in the last years and there is no reason to believe that it will stop. The truth is that, in this country, the beach buggy has always been appreciated by everybody. The motives around this are numerous but the main one relies in design. Simply put, most people love the looks of a beach buggy. Also, investments have made it possible for buggy sales to explode in the UK.

Analysts that have been keeping an eye on this particular market and said that soon we will notice the same flow in the United States of America as well. Until that happens the UK Beach Buggy Market is continuing to grow.