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Advertising is the act of introducing goods, services, non-profit organizations, and businesses to the public. This is so they are made known in order for people to take advantage of all that the advertiser has to offer. The use of advertising to promote a company or organization dates back to as early as the 15th Century.

Types of advertising

Some types of advertising include public relation campaigns, publicity from the media, personal selling, and sales promotion. These are further explained below.

Public relations are one type of advertising used. Some companies, though they are out to make a profit may also fund non-profit groups as a form of public relations for their businesses. When they contribute to worthy causes that matter to the community around them that business or corporation gets noticed.

These same businesses and/or corporations will often recruit people within them who will volunteer directly with non-profit groups as well. People usually remember companies who are involved in their community, and in turn those people will support that company.

Another type of advertising is the use of publicity. Publicity is the use of media to cover a person, place, organization, business, or event, usually in a positive light. A story that covers specific people, places or groups are usually made known to the press in the form of press releases, press kits, or reporters’ interviews. The use of media coverage is a form of free advertising.

Personal selling is another type of advertising that reaches people, which is similar to the appeal of public relations, only done on a one to one basis. Usually the seller will persuade the prospective buyer into purchasing from them if they prove themselves competent and trustworthy. Personal selling is considered a form of interpersonal advertising.

Another type of advertising similar to personal selling is the use of sales promotions. Examples of sales promotions would be when a customer receives a free duffel bag to sign up for a credit card, or request coupons for their favorite brands to use at the local grocery store. Another form of sales promotion is the distribution of free samples as well as the allocation of free trials. Sales promotions reach people one on one, but do not require an immediate response directly to the advertiser.

Origin of advertising

Advertising campaigns have dated back as early as 79 A.D., when advertising's were found in the ruins of Pompeii, an ancient Roman city near Naples. Later on Egyptians used papyrus on which to write sales messages and wall posters. Then, when printing developed from the 15th century on, handbills were created. In the 17th century advertisements because to appear in weekly newspapers in England. This began a progression to all the forms of advertising known today in the 21st century, including the use of Internet advertising.

Objectives of advertising

The main objective of advertising is to make a product known, and to inform people when, how and where the product or service can be found and purchased. Another objective of advertising is to explain the purpose of the product, company, or service, in a way that the consumer will be persuaded to respond. The more clear and concise of a message that a person conveys in the advertisement, the more likely that organization or business is to attract new customers.