Transporter 2

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A man who serves as a professional transporter of special goods is assigned a very special task. He has the duty to chauffeur a child to school every day. The boy is kidnapped by enemies of his family. It’s his task to find him and bring him back to safety as soon as possible.


Frank Martin(Jason Statham)provides a special service. He transports packages and other precious cargo. He was based in Europe, but has moved to Miami to take a new job. Frank becomes the chauffeur for a very wealthy man. His job is to transport a child to and from school and anywhere else everyday.

Frank and the boy develop a close friendship.


One day the boy is kidnapped. Frank takes it personally and engages in a deadly game with the kidnappers.

The plot is filled with action, danger and the threat of a widespread catastrophe from the release of a bio-agent.

Frank has his hands full. Frank is the best, so he can handle the toughest jobs.

Production facts

1. This is the sequel to “The Transporter” released in 2002.

2. A sequel was approved due to the phenomenal DVD sales of the original film.

3. The Director of Photography in the original film was killed in an accident.

4. The car that Frank drives in the movie is a special edition Audi.