The Burrow

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The Burrow is the name of the house where the Weasley family stay, featuring in the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling. The house is situated in a fictional village called Ottery, St. Catchpole, Devon in The United Kingdom. It is probably based on the real town of Ottery St. Mary. The house is quite a tall one, about four or five storeys high and is standing only by magic. Closeby is a Quidditch pitch, well hidden from muggle view, that is used by the Weasley boys for palying Quidditch and also secretly by Ginny. Real Quidditch balls cannot be used by them as they might escape and fly over into the muggle village. The Diggory family and the Lovegood family live in the vicinity.


The Burrow is currently inhabited by Arthur Weasley and his wife, Molly Weasley. Their two youngest children, Ron and Ginny also live with them. Their oldest son Bill lives on his own as he works for Gringott’s bank. Charlie works with dragons and lives in Romania. Percy Weasley had a big row with his parents and moved to London. The twins, Fred and George, have also moved out to live in their own flat at Diagon Alley, above their joke shop, Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.


The Burrow is a highly magical home where inanimate objects have been enchanted to perform jobs automatically. A chief and unusual feature is a clock, used by Molly Weasley. The hands of the clock stand for the members of the Weasley family. The place where the numbers should be, are marked by various conditions and locations like home, work, traveling etc. At the 12 o’ clock position, the marking is for mortal peril. By looking at the clock, Molly knows where each member of her family is and more importantly, whether he or she is safe. The house also has a ghoul who lurks in the attic. At night, it bangs on the plumbing to disturb Ron’s sleep. Harry Potter loves to come and stay at the Burrow as it provides a fun as well as safe place for him during his summer holidays, as he cannot stay at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.