Television director

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The television director is one of the most important people in a television production. In most cases, he/she will be the responsible party when directing actors and technical equipment use.

Types of television directors

The attributes of a television director differs from company to company and from one type of production to the other. In a TV movie or miniseries, he/she will have to get much more involved. In most cases, especially when talking about a TV show broadcasted by a smaller company or movie with more than one episode, there will be only one television director involved. When a bigger show or production is underway, the television director needs to be in charge and react quickly to any problems concerning all the technical features. Multi cameras are usually used and he/she needs to cue everybody using the equipment so that the result will be a fast paced and smooth running televised event. If the show is a live one the job becomes even more difficult. This is because mistakes will not be accepted and will quickly be noticed by viewers. The television director needs to call the shots used and all aired elements in real time. He/she also needs to assess the running time of the show and oversee it coming to the desired length. Failure to do this, especially in a live event, can lead to disruption in the televised company schedule.