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  1. Living statue (1873 bytes)
    5: ... method of surprising the general public, both on television and as improvised street art. Hidden camera shows...
  2. John le Carré (3513 bytes)
    12: ==Movies, Television series==
    14: Guinness as Smiley) when they were adapted for television series by BBC.
  3. Nicole Kidman (3213 bytes)
    34: [[Category:Australian television actors|Kidman, Nicole]]
  4. James Dean (2663 bytes)
    1: '''James Dean''' was an American-born film and television actor whose short life and career had a tremendou...
    8: live stage acting. He landed roles in many televisions programs after that and ultimately gravitated to...
  5. Johnny Depp (3522 bytes)
    35: [[Category:American television actors|Depp, Johnny]]
  6. Cameron Diaz (2807 bytes)
    11: Other hit movies followed, including former television show, made-for-the-big screen effort Charlie’s ...
    28: [[Category:American television actors|Diaz, Cameron]]
  7. 1925 (2951 bytes)
    1: ...story as the year when the first breakthroughs in television technology have been done. Another important even...
    9: ... just 5 miles. This was the foundation for public television.
  8. 1923 (2547 bytes)
    20: * April 22 – One of the most important television producers and writers ever, Aaron Spelling.
  9. 1928 (2587 bytes)
    6: * The first television license was released on the 25th of February by t...
  10. Arthur Conan Doyle (3942 bytes)
    31: Many of his stories have been adapted for television series and for movies all over the world. Several...
  11. Aerobic exercise (1779 bytes)
    13: ... the 80’s, Richard Simmons took his aerobics to television and later to VHS. Today, fitness instructors like...
  12. Media bias in South Asia (2042 bytes)
    5: can be seen being observed in the print media, television as well as academic field. Very often, the leanin...
  13. Mass media in India (2938 bytes)
    2: ...lish and vernacular print media and multiple 24/7 television channels, is catering to the news-hungry billion ...
    19: Television has brought about a sea-change in the way that In...
  14. Arabic language (3566 bytes)
    8: ...ent Arabic language, is used by the media (radio, television, books, magazines and newspapers). It is also the...
  15. Glory hunter (2005 bytes)
    5: go and see, but may regularly follow through television or match reports. This form of support exploded i...
    9: ...ion of world-wide audiences through the medium of television. Clubs with a huge fan base enjoy immense financi...
  16. Lonely Planet (2591 bytes)
    1: ...elevision production company called Lonely Planet television. It has produced three popular series till date :...
    18: [[Category:Travel television series]]
  17. Arundhati Roy (2755 bytes)
    8: '', another one of her works, was made into a television serial.
  18. Fahrenheit 451 (2895 bytes)
    5: ...reality television.” Viewers are glued to the television as they watch everyday occurrence play out in the...
    9: the inspiration for the first Walkman. Reality television has become the mainstream as more and more viewer...
  19. Ray Bradbury (2514 bytes)
    9: ...s like “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and “CBS Television Workshop.” In 1980, Rock Hudson starred in the ...
  20. Hotel (2817 bytes)
    5: ...els may provide a telephone, an alarm clock and a television. The luxurious hotels may have en suite bathrooms...
  21. Kelly Slater (1620 bytes)
    5: ...rom the Pipe.” He played Jimmy Slade on the hit television show “Baywatch” for one season and in 2002, T...
  22. ASPCA (1796 bytes)
    5: ...n that can be seen in action of the Animal Planet television show, “Animal Precinct.” In addition to progr...
  23. Emergency Vets (1807 bytes)
    6: ==Related television shows==
    11: [[Category:Reality television series]]
    12: [[Category:American television series]]
  24. Catfight (2309 bytes)
    12: ...rcials have used catfights in product promotions. Televisions sitcoms, movies and pay-per-view sporting events...
  25. Professional (1388 bytes)
    3: ... athletes. Other uses of the term can be found in television, where a movie (“The Professionals”) and a TV...
  26. Erotica (1473 bytes)
    5: ...rn deals with how sex is done and manufactured on television, film, and video.
  27. Bingo (2264 bytes)
    9: ...much more sophisticated. Very large games may use television monitors to view several rooms involved. Some are...
  28. Collie (1733 bytes)
    4: ...s. This was due to the ‘’Lassie’’ books, television shows and movies. Rough Collies were used for the...
    7: ...d service dogs. Famous collies include; Lassie of television and movie fame, Laddie of ‘’The Simpsons’...
  29. Milla Jovovich (3300 bytes)
    34: [[Category:American television actors|Jovovich, Milla]]
  30. Harrison Ford (3213 bytes)
    25: [[Category:American television actors|Ford, Harrison]]
  31. Catherine Zeta-Jones (2387 bytes)
    7: ...-Jones became recognized for her 1991 role in the television film: The Darling Buds of May. Subsequent roles ...
    25: [[Category:Welsh television actors|Zeta-Jones, Catherine]]
  32. Poker (2092 bytes)
    6: ...popular than ever, the game today is broadcast on television and some players are achieving celebrity status.
  33. Michael Kors (1537 bytes)
    1: ...then became a world renowned fashion designer and television personality.
  34. Denzel Washington (2663 bytes)
    5: ...on’s first film role. He starred in the popular television drama, St. Elsewhere, and has the distinction of ...
    17: [[Category:American television actors|Washington, Denzel]]
  35. American Idol (3369 bytes)
    30: [[Category:Idol television series]]
    32: [[Category:Reality television series]]
  36. Ben Stiller (2071 bytes)
    1: ...ogether. He made his acting debut on his mother's television series ''Kate McShaw.''
    9: ...r. In addition, he has appeared in cameo roles on television shows like ''Arrested Development'' and ''Curb Yo...
  37. Blues Traveler (1531 bytes)
    10: *The band appeared on an episode of the television show ''Roseanne'' as the fictional band that Dan ...
    12: ...he band is set to remake the theme of the popular television show ''Sanford and Son.''
  38. Superman (3196 bytes)
    1: ...ow DC Comics, Superman appeared in radio serials, television programs, films and video games. Superman was bor...
  39. New Kids On The Block (2204 bytes)
    13: ...i-series ''Band of Brothers'' and the short lived television show ''Boomtown.'' McIntyre and Jordan Knight bo...
  40. George Clooney (1980 bytes)
    1: ...ngton, Kentucky. His father was a news anchor and television host, his aunt, Rosemary Clooney, is a famous sin...
    5: ...he film ''Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'' about television producer Chuck Barris. He won a Golden Globe as B...
    17: [[Category:American television actors|Clooney, George]]
  41. Kelly Clarkson (2159 bytes)
    5: ...ends convinced her to try out for the new reality television show ''American Idol.'' Kelly made it to the top ...
  42. Ellen DeGeneres (2713 bytes)
    5: ...ter a routine. From 1989-1990 she appeared in the television show ''Open House'' and in 1992 'Laurie Hill.''
    28: [[Category:Television actors|DeGeneres, Ellen]]
    29: [[Category:Television talk show hosts|DeGeneres, Ellen]]
  43. Jay McCarroll (1769 bytes)
    7: ...ful avenues. He also got interviewed by different television shows and other media outlets.
  44. Advertising campaign (2505 bytes)
    3: ...his is usually one by way of newspaper, internet, television, and radio ad campaigns.
  45. Advertising slogan (2489 bytes)
    7: ... are for kids!'? This ad has not even been on the television in quite awhile, but it still rings in the minds ...
  46. Bulk mail (2850 bytes)
    3: ...lion people by mail than it does to reach them by television.
  47. Infomercial (3141 bytes)
    15: often resemble closely the format of a regular television talk show or seminar, the response rate is genera...
    22: [[Category:Television commercials]]
    23: [[Category:Television programming]]
  48. Motorola (3041 bytes)
    5: ...ompany. It soon became one of the fastest selling televisions in the United States.
    7: ...s and Chrysler Corporation apart from the regular televisions and radios.
    9: ...tsushita Electric of Japan bought the company’s television business during the same year.
  49. Photography (4126 bytes)
    27: ...onto a storage device in a computer, displayed on television screens, or printed out. CCD cameras were first i...
  50. Sound editor (2604 bytes)
    1: ...ngs that comprise the final sound mastering for a television show or a motion picture.

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