Skeletal Family

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From the break of The Elements came the Gothic rock group Skeletal Family in December 1982. Skeletal Family is one of only two groups that sprang up from Keighley, West Yorkshire in the early 1980s. The other group to do so being New Model Army.


Original lineup

The original lineup was Anne-Marie Hurst, vocals; Stan Greenwood, guitar; Roger 'Trotwood' Nowell, bass; Ian "Karl Heinz" Taylor, keyboard/sax; and Steve Crane, drums.

Red rhino

In 1984, the band signed on to indie label Red Rhino and recorded their first single , "The Night," just after losing their original drummer Steve Crane. Crane was replaced by Howard Daniels. Daniels was soon replaced by Martin Henderson, formerly of the band The Last Laugh.

Skeletal Family's first album "Burning Oil" was debuted by Red Rhino in the fall of 1984. The band began touring with the likes of The Sisters Of Mercy during the Sisters of Mercy: First and Last and Always tour.

The group released "Futile Combat" in 1985 along with the "Promised Land" single.

Beginning at the end

The group then signed with Chrysalis Records and Anne-Marie Hurst along with Martin Henderson left the band hoping to develop new projects.

Anne-Marie Hurst would eventually and join the up with Gary Marx in the band Ghost Dance. Martin Henderson teamed up with former March Violets vocalist Simon D to form The Batfish Boys. Vocalist Katrina Phillips joined in place of Anne-Marie Hurst and Kevin Hunter replaced Martin Henderson.

The remaining members of the group soon disbanded after being inexplicably dropped from the Chrysalis label.


In 2002, Skeletal Family had reformed. Since reforming they have played several high profile shows including the Wave Gotik Treffen twice and Drop Dead New York

As of late however, they have yet to release anything new.