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A singer uses their voice, usually with a melody, to create music, songs, or larger pieces of music such as opera. A singer can sing a single melody line, or join with other singers to sing more parts, creating harmony. Males, females, and children can be singers. The songs they choose should fit their vocal range, which is the number of notes they can sing comfortably. Voices can be taught certain vocal techniques that allow the singer to sing a quite large number of notes. Opera and Western European classical music use singers who are very well trained and quite skilled in using their voices in a wide variety of ways. Singers can specialize in specific vocal styles, and train their voices to perform in those styles. These various styles of music are styles such as classical music, pop music, country music, jazz music, and other styles. A certain amount of acting ability can also be necessary to the singers singing style.

Types of voices

Voices have been classified by singing teachers and music educators into various types of voices, based on the range of the voice. The soprano is the female voice that sings the highest notes, followed by the mezzo-soprano. The mezzo-soprano sings the middle area of possible female notes. Contraltos are the lowest female voices, and are also called altos at times in musical situations.

Male voices include the boy soprano, which is the highest male voice, and the countertenor, which is the highest adult male voice. Countertenors sing higher than tenors, who are also male singers with a high voice range. Baritones are the middle registers of the adult male voice, as compared to the bass, which sings the lowest notes.

Voice teachers have other, more specific types of categories of voices within these categories.

Singers are important to most societies. They lead religious ceremonies, participate in religious ceremonies, continue the culture of a nation, share history and social ideals orally through song, entertain us, commiserate with us while singing the blues, and add to the beauty and fullness of the life of the human race.