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Modern recipes are typically composed of the name of the dish and the location of where the dish originated from (if available). They have a list of the ingredients that are to be used for the dish, these are typically broken down by what you will need to make the dish. The needed equipment, method of making the dish, and what amount of time it will take to make the dish.


Recipe Cards

Many recipes are on custom index cards. There will hold all the base information and are ideal for their compact nature, but they are also easy to lose and damage.


Since the early 1900’s cookbooks have been the staple for storing recipes and are usually sought after as a reference for meals or special occasions. There are cookbooks that are literally tomes and can weight vast amounts of weight due to the sheer number of recipes they contain. Still these tomes hold little in comparison to all the dishes that have been invented and are available throughout the world and the course of history.

Calories or joules

Many of the newer recipes have the calories listed and the prime example of the recipes that are taking this to the extreme are the South Beach Diet cookbooks. They have a method making one lose weight by their diet. It has been successful for those that are willing to devote their efforts to sticking with the diet.

History in a nutshell

Recipes have been around since humanity could speak and write. Y of the earlier recipes were shared by word of mouth with more simple instructions. Many of these were traditional dishes that either were later written down or forgotten in the course of time.


Many modern recipes also list variations of the same dish per recipe. This is to consolidate recipes and to make looking up certain dishes easier.