Rat (zodiac)

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The Rat is one of the twelve animals of Chinese astrology. It is believed that a person born in the year of a particular animal acquires the characteristics attributed to it. People born under the year of the rat give great importance to honesty. They are very creative which is accompanied by a sharp wit. They symbolize good luck and wealth. They are energetic and adapt easily to all types of surroundings. Their family is important to them and can be very possessive at times.

On the negative side, rats tend to be overly ambitious and put their own interests first. They do not believe in the policy of ‘forgive and forget’ and hence may hold grudges forever. Miserliness comes naturally to them as a result of their inherent capacity to hoard valuables. A short temper is also found in some.

Rats are blessed with a charming personality and hence can easily make friends. They are fun to be with because of their humorous disposition. They are scrupulous in their work and expect the same from others. Insincerity is intolerable to them. Most rats find satisfaction only in the middle age, when the goals they had set have been achieved. Some may have set high aims but these get tempered with age.

The Rat occupies the first position in the zodiac chart. Its ruling hours are 11 pm am to 1 am. Its lucky gemstone is Carbuncle. The ruling element of horse is water and it corresponds to Sagittarius, the western zodiac. Rats get along best with monkeys and dragons. They detest the companionship of horses as a general rule.


Many famous people have been born in the year of the Rat.

  1. George H.W. Bush, Former Vice President and President of USA
  2. Claude Monet, French painter,
  3. Karl Urban, actor
  4. Stevie Nicks, singer
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow, actress
  6. Deigo Maradona, soccer player
  7. Samuel A. Jackson, supermodel
  8. Scarlet Johansson, actress
  9. Hugh Grant, actor
  10. Jimmy Carter, Former President of USA
  11. Ayrton Senna, Formula One Champion
  12. Prince Charles, British prince
  13. Kevin Zegers, actor
  14. Marlon Brando, actor
  15. Pat Nixon, Former First Lady of USA
  16. Richard Nixon, Former Vice President and President of USA
  17. Al Gore, Former President of USA
  18. Rebecca Romijn, supermodel
  19. Antonio Banderas, actor