Public relations

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Public relations is the process of building a positive report between a non-profit or profit organization and its community.


For instance, corporations use a procedure called marketing public relations (MPR) to make known of the products or services they offer to potential customers in the form of direct sales. This form of public relations helps boost immediate sales, and develop a long term reputation, and to create regular customers.

In addition, businesses and corporations may support political organizations to help further that cause, in order to gain a benefit, such as a tax break, or change in regulation. Furthermore, corporations often support non-profit groups to help build for them a positive image, which helps them generate a greater profit. This is an indirect form of advertising for the business, and it benefits the community.

Non-profit groups and political organizations also use public relations in the very same way that a corporation does. These types of groups may even work together for the common good of a community to establish trust among the people.

Public relations are a very personable and effective way to promote a business/corporation, non-profit group, or political organization. It helps a company get its name out there and is a more personal form of advertising than the use of publicity.


Public relations allows a business or organization to actually physical mingle with the public at large, shaking their hands one at a time. This is far different than the public viewing a new story about a business or organization. When a person views a new story they may not actually get to meet a representative from the company or organization.

However, if they attend a public relations event sponsored at least in part by that company or organization. Public relations are like a form of personal direct selling but on a larger scale.