Pride and Prejudice (2005 film)

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In the early nineteenth century, in the English countryside, there is a humble, middle class family with several daughters and parents who want them married off well. One of them meets an aristocrat at a local function and is attracted to him. The relationship gets off to a rocky start and stumbles. But later, after many issues are resolved, a love blossoms and results in a marriage.


A young woman, Elizabeth(Keira Knightley)meets a rich, handsome noble(Darcy)at an affair. Although they have a strong mutual attraction, first impressions create problems. He appears to be a cold, heartless snob, and she seems feisty and judging.

An array of subplots concerning the mother attempting to marry her other daughters off to the rich, and complications, as well as hostilities between some of the families evolve in the story.


This becomes a story of class distinction, social power and the pride of all the parties. It is about Elizabeth’s love for Darcy that is tarnished by her preconceived notions about him and his relationship to her and to the men who are romantically to her sisters.

Elizabeth questions Darcy’s integrity and is hostile toward him until he proves his good intentions with the truth about his own actions. When he proves to be worthy of her values and he understands what drives her, they rise above their own pride and fall in love.

Ultimately, it engages the subject of resolution of differences, the prejudices people have about others, without really knowing each other, without having the truth and the hurt pride that can result.