Muay Thai

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Muay Thai is sometimes referred to as the science of 8 limbs. The title comes because of the fact that you use almost every body part as a weapon. You can penetrate with your shins, knees, feet, forehead, fists and elbows.


Muay Thai Origins

Muay Thai Kick boxing was created over 2000 years ago and is appreciated as one of the oldest martial arts known to man. Though records of Muay Thai fights only date back 700 years, there is a general consensus that Muay Thai began over 2000 years ago in the part of Asia that China presently inhabits.

Muay Thai history

Muay Thai is referred to as the martial art of "kings" because in 1411 when a king with the name of Sen Muajng Ma died, his sons explicitly fought to the death for his throne, using the art of muay thai. Many kings were known to not only rehearse in the martial art of Muay Thai but also to challenge competitors. The only problem is that it was thought of as improper to touch an emperor much less assault one. So a king by the name Phra Buddha Choa Sua used to sign up for various Muay Thai tournaments dressed as a commoner in attempt to fool both the audience and his opponents. On top of winning all his matches, he eventually took the title from the national champion.

Thai boxing

A big part of the world refers to Muay Thai as Thai boxing. Though Thai boxing's most recent notoriety is from Jean Claude Van Dam and other like movies, this martial art is regarded to be one of the most barbarous forms of self defense.

Thailand open kick boxing competitions

Thailand is known to have open challenges to match other forms of stand-up fighting against their Thai boxers. Most Thai fighters are outweighed heavily in these matches but still manage to smash their opponents due to the kinds of ways of attacking. No other martial art encourages you to use each limb limb to attack and many other martial arts restrict their striking area to above the waist. In Thai boxing you are allowed to knee, kick and punch your opponent's legs. Many opponents who are not used to receiving leg kicks literally lose the match due to the terrible pain as a result of the technique.

Thai Style

Thai boxing is not thought of as the most vile martial art for no reason. Thai boxers carry out their kicks in a manner in which when you are stricken by them it literally feels as if someone has swung a baseball bat. Thai boxers are inclined to focus on a handful of effective techniques and master them rather then consuming energy on some of the flashier styles found in other martial arts.

Thai national army

Additionally to being an effective martial art and being the official self defense rule of the Thai national army, Muay Thai Kick-boxing is one of the most efficient cardiovascular workouts you will ever find. Many aerobic studios combine Thai boxing techniques into their workouts. As shown to you, if you want to kill two birds with one stone by both getting into shape and learning to defend yourself, Thai boxing is a martial art that's surely worth researching.