Mental illness

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Mental illness is a pathological state that affects a person’s psyche disorienting the individual’s ability to relate to the world and to others, their thinking and their feelings. Other terms that are used with reference to mental illness can be listed as follows: Mental health, Mental well being, Mental hygiene and Behavioral health It is generally accepted that mental illness results due to organic or neurochemical causes. However no school of psychology has been fully able to explain the causes of mental illness. Heredity Vs Environment is very pertinent argument with respect to the discussion on the causes of mental illness.


In case of mental illness, only the symptoms can be treated and not the mental condition itself. Chances of treated symptoms to recur are very high. Medication will help only to a certain extent in the treatment of the mentally ill. Many schools of psychology believe that there is no cure for mental illness. Conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression, to a certain extent yield to psychiatric medication. Besides psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy too seems to fetch good results in terms of treating symptoms of mental illness.

Treatment of the mentally ill will involve identifying the maladaptive and self destructive behavior and eliminating them. It has been observed fact that using a holistic treatment model will bring better results than by just using one single method. Moreover, it has to be noted that mental illness is a life long condition and would require constant attention and support to ensure the symptoms do not recur.

In certain parts of the world mental illness is associated with superstitious beliefs and hence treatment for it too would fall under superstitious practices.