How to use Dell's DJ Ditty MP3 player on OS X

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Dell's DJ Ditty is starting to get a trend aura already, and it not really undeserved. Due to its low price and good quality, DJ Ditty can be a good choice for you. Unfortunately though, Dell has decided that OS X support is not required for the DJ Ditty.

Fortunately though, DJ Ditty has a simple architecture for storing files, so you can actually use it with OS X, if you do not mind the hassle of manually creating a few folders.


1. Plug the player to an USB port. It will be automatically mounted in Finder as Untitled.

2. Convert the files you want to use to MP3, if they are not in MP3 format already. DJ Ditty does not support the AAC format.

3. When copying the music, you will have to manually create some folders. The files are stored in a simple hierarchy: Untitled/Music/<Artist's name>/<Album name>/ . If any of these folders does not exist, you will have to create them yourself.

For example, if I wanted to copy Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, I would create the Music Folder (if not already created). Then, in this folder, I would create a folder called Pink Floyd, and, inside it, another folder called The Wall (this is the name of the album on which Comfortably Numb appears).

4. After you have finished copying, click eject.


It is important that you click eject. Some files may be lost or corrupted if you simply unplug the player from the USB port. Most important, do not unplug it while the files are still being copied.