How to request a superstar for an autograph

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To Request a Superstar for an Autograph does not need to be an ordeal that it is made out to be if the matter is approached in a practical manner. Celebrity Autographs are fun to collect and good quality autographed pictures can also be a great investment. Now the easy way to go about it would be to bid for an autographed photo on any one of the millions of internet sites that sell the. The flip side is that most of the autographs sold on the net are fakes. To be sure of the genuineness of an autograph would be go get one yourself, first hand. Here are some pointers to guide you.

A few suggestions

  1. Make yourself available to be at a place where you know that the celebrity is bound to show up. Have a pen handy and if possible a photo of the superstar with you.
  2. Remember that the celebrity is also a normal person and you should treat them as such. Don’t be in awe of them or go crazy when they appear, most times they find it embarrassing and many times even irritating.
  3. When you do see them you can walk up to them calmly and ask for their autograph. Celebrities are used to having people just walk up to them so don’t feel shy or bashful; they will think nothing of it.
  4. When you reach their side, introduce yourself, tell them that you are a fan and that you would like an autograph. Do not gush or freak out it is something most stars dislike.
  5. Give them a pen and ask them to sign their picture or request them to pose for a photo with you. Be confident and sure of yourself and things will be fine.


  • When you get the autograph, be sure to make a note of when and where you got the autograph. You might like to add any other interesting trivia like theatre tickets, premier programs and keep it along with the autograph. This will come in use when and if in future authentication needs to be established.


  • Don’t get to close to the celebrity when getting the autograph, it makes them uncomfortable.