How to plan a family get together

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To Plan a Family Get Together can be a very exciting job but also one which involves a lot of hard work. Getting together with family is something that most of us look forward to. Some families have annual family reunions which serve to reunite family members who do not get to meet otherwise. Arranging a re-union can become a very demanding and a taxing task but with a few directions it can also become fun.

A few suggestions

  1. To begin with, make a list of all the invitees. Try not to leave any one out or you will have made an enemy for life. If you cannot do it yourself take the help of someone else in the family who can help.
  2. If the get together is for Thanksgiving or Christmas just send the invites out with a lot of time to spare or people will have made other plans.
  3. If the get together is just a family reunion don’t forget to mention the date and the venue of the event.
  4. Decide the menu and if it is a pot luck then organize beforehand what each will bring to avoid getting a double of something.
  5. Organize activities and fun games or story telling sessions with the elders in the family, it is a fun way to bond.


  • Have lots and lots of fun. Keep sensitive issues out of conversations and see that everyone is happy.
  • Take care to see that everyone is involved in the activities. There should be something for everyone to do.


  • Don’t start any arguments or fights and if you see any situation building up diffuse it by reminding everyone that you are all there to have just fun and nothing else.
  • Don’t worry if the presents or the decorations are not up to the mark, the family and the tradition of getting together is much more important.