How to make a three year old stop scribbling on walls

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To make a three year old stop scribbling on walls can be infuriatingly difficult especially if the toddler does it as a show of independence. Your child has just turned two and a half and your house walls are no longer safe. It is as if a giant crayon has been handed over to the child and he/ she has recently discovered the great pleasure of dabbling in modern art; now to keep the walls safe from the budding artist is going to be a full time job for you. Try your luck with these little handy helps and here’s wishing you all the best.

A few suggestions

  1. Try to be firm with the child when they first begin to show their artistic talent. Nipping the thing in the bud may help you save hours of soap and sponge scrubbing work later.
  2. Hide the crayons, pens and pencils out of the child’s reach and give them back only when he/ she agrees to scribble on paper.
  3. Of course they will never keep their promise so assign them some walls where it is all right to scribble, like the walls of their room or the walls of a spare bedroom, if there is one.
  4. Another way out is to allow the child to select the wall that they want to write on. Now cover the bottom part of the whole wall with poster boards joined together with tape.
  5. Secure the poster boards to the wall in question with the help of blue painter’s tapes (readily available at all hardware stores). Take care to cover the bottom half of the whole wall.


  • Tell the child that the only area where he/ she can give free rein to his/ her artistic imagination is the wall that you have so painstakingly prepared.
  • Hand out a small punishment to the child for disobeying that instruction (like going up to bed without their favorite ice cream).


  • Don’t slip in your decision to allow only that one wall. If you allow an inch the child will take a mile.