How to keep your wedding a small family affair

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To keep your wedding a small family affair and not turn it into a society event of the year is totally up to you. If you and your betrothed really want a simple and private wedding then there is no reason why you should not have one. To give in to will of what both the mothers want or what the families’ desire is not fair to both of you. After all this is your wedding, the one big day of your life and you should have it exactly as you please. There is no need to step on people’s toes and hurt their feelings because here are some tips on how to get away with having a small private wedding without causing any bad blood.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, you need to make a list of all the people who would be attending your wedding and all those who are not invited. You need explain to everyone who wouldn’t be attending the reason for not inviting them. You could write to them, email or tell them over the phone. The best way, of course, would be to have a large gathering for the bridal shower and let everyone know then about your decision.
  2. If you are not planning on holding a bridal shower at all then you could have a small party just for those people who would not be coming for your wedding so that they do not feel left out. You could have this party a day or two before or after the wedding.
  3. During the party explain to everyone your reasons for keeping the wedding just a family affair and tell them clearly that your intentions were not to hurt anyone but that you really did not think that big weddings were your thing.
  4. This party could be a small sit down dinner (without frills to keep costs down) where you could toss a bouquet and enjoy being with your friends having fun and letting everyone know that they are important and loved.


  • Make a list of everyone who is invited and another of those who are not invited to the wedding. If you leave anyone out you might feel guilty for years afterwards.


  • Don’t worry too much about people who do not seem to understand why they have not been invited even after you have taken the trouble to explain it to them. They will hurt no matter what and try and make you feel guilty.