How to bring together a step child and an infant

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To bring together a step child and an infant is a process that requires extreme care and subtlety and needs to begin much before the birth of the new baby. It is a situation fraught with uncertainties and if handled in the right manner will nip in the bud many problems that could occur later. It is a time for insecurities, both for the older step child as well as for the mother of the new born, and may call for step-by-step guidance to facilitate matters.

A few thumb rules

  1. It must be remembered that the older child (step or otherwise) feels insecure and finds his/ her position as the centre of the mother’s affection being threatened by another.
  2. The child must be made aware of the new addition, well in advance, so that there is no shock on seeing someone else vying for the mother’s care.
  3. Let the older child also share the love and care that is being showered on the baby and make him/ her aware of the fact that the new baby is not a competitor in the parents’ affection, instead it is a part of the family and that there is enough love to go around for everybody.
  4. Allowing the older child to share the responsibility of the baby for simple things makes the older child feels that he belongs and also that the baby in some way also belongs to him/ her.


  • Tell the older child that the new baby belongs to him/ her and that you as a mother need the older child’s help in looking after it.


  • Don’t let your new responsibilities neglect the older child to the extent that he/ she begins to resent the new addition to the family.