How to be a happy family

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To Be a Happy Family is something that we all want and something that is not very difficult to achieve provided that we are willing to work towards it. People who care about their families and have their priorities clear about what they want in life put their family before everything else. Here area some suggestions to stay on top.

A few suggestions

  1. Always speak the truth. Lies have a nasty habit of stabbing you in the back when least expected, so try and avoid lying to family members. It may seem a big deal then but once the load is off your chest you will feel much happier and less stressful.
  2. Be strong enough to admit your mistake and say sorry. Saying sorry diffuses situations before they can get out of hand. Parents need to say sorry to each other and to their children; the children too need to say sorry to each other and to their parents.
  3. Have honor and respect for all the members of the family. Our ability to honor each other should not be dependent of their behavior or temperament but should be founded on our own sense of personal worth.
  4. Life is not a bed of roses; take the ups with downs in your family life with a cool mind and an even temperament.


  • Make compromises for the sake of others in your family; in the long run it gives you a much higher sense of worth than anything else.
  • Always remember to communicate; a family whose members communicate freely has little to worry about.


  • Don’t let small problems get on top of you, keep your cool and problems will get solved much more smoothly.
  • Don’t ignore the young of the family, they may not contribute much in terms of conversations but they may become your best friends.