Holiday cottage

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A holiday cottage is a vacation house where the whole family can stay together in comparative freedom as in a home away from home. Holiday cottages have existed for a very long while. Ever since travel became possible over the channel, families from England have vacationed in the Continent and the mild Mediterranean, to escape the stark English winter. In fact it became popular during the Edwardian and the Victorian times to leave the Country for a period of several months, hire a house by the sea side in the South of France or some other fancied vacation spot and set sail for England only when the weather became conducive.

It had become so fashionable to vacation ‘abroad’ that people who stayed behind were the people who probably could not afford to travel.

Element of freedom

There are many aspects to a great holiday. A very important one, from the point of view of most people, is the freedom and independence to do what you want and do it when you want. This is where holiday cottages score over hotels. A holiday cottage is a fully furnished house available for hire for a certain pre-fixed period of time. The size of these cottages vary from a small one room accommodation to huge many tiered bungalows to allow even three generations and several children to fit in. They are generally self catering but come furnished with all the modern facilities and fittings such as refrigerators and the latest in kitchen gadgetry.

As the pace of people’s life goes up the need to take time out is also becoming important. Hence holiday cottages have become increasingly popular among people who are looking for ‘getaways,’ like sea sides or mountains. Away from the bustle of a conventional hotel, there in a quiet cottage people can unwind and relax at their own pace without any bindings of meal times and sleep times.