Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton is currently the junior United States Senator from New York. She is married to former President Bill Clinton and served as First Lady of the United States during his presidency. She was the first First Lady to hold a post-graduate degree and have a successful professional life.


Hillary Rodham Clinton was born Hillary Rodham in Chicago in 1947. As a youngster she had many interests including sports, church and school. During high school she served in the student council, debate team and the National Honor Society. She played many sports such as ballet, tennis, and skating. After she graduated high school in 1965, she went on to study at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She became quite active in politics and became President of the Wellesley College Chapter of the College of Republicans. After the death of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Hillary attended the Wellesley in Washington program at the urging of her professor. After attending, her political views changed dramatically and she became a Democrat. She was named Valedictorian of her graduating class and became the first student to ever give a commencement speech. After graduating Wellesley, Hillary went on to Yale Law School. While in graduate school, she focused heavily on children’s rights and worked at the city’s Legal Services Department where she worked pro-bono cases for the poor.

Family and career

In 1974, Hillary Became one of only two women to teach at the University of Arkansas Law School. Her boyfriend, Bill Clinton, was also a faculty member. Hillary and Bill married in 1975. In 1976, Hillary joined the prestigious Rose Law Firm and became the first woman to be made partner. While working for Rose, she worked many child advocacy cases pro-bono. In 1978, she was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the Board of Legal Services Corporation. That same year she became the First Lady of Arkansas when he husband, Bill, was elected as Governor of the state. She would hold the title for a total of twelve years. In 1980, Hillary and Bill welcomed their first and only child, Chelsea, into the world. While First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary fought to improve standards for education as well as continue to improve the lives of children through legal work.


In 1993, Hillary Rodham Clinton became First Lady of the United States when her husband was elected to the office. She was very active in some of the decision making while he held office and is often compared to Eleanor Roosevelt. She was appointed to the Task Force on national Health Care Reform in addition to supporting child welfare, fighting to improve literacy and education and was a steadfast supporter of improving women’s rights around the world. She was very public about her politics throughout the two terms in office. After she and her husband left the White House in 2001, she was a political force to be reckoned with. In 2000, Hillary became a junior Senator for New York. While learning the ropes, she kept a low profile but has since begun to discuss her political views more openly.