Family law

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Family-related and domestic issues fall under the category of family law. This field of law addresses a variety of domestic issues.



One can seek a family lawyer for prenuptual agreements and to help with other paperwork and legal issues that arise when entering into a variety of committed relationships. In addition to marriage, these can include:

  • Civil unions, which allow a status similar to marriage and are typically created to allow same-sex couples to enjoy access to benefits opposite-sex couples enjoy. It can also be used by opposite-sex partners who prefer to avoid the legal institution of marriage but would like a union similar to common-law marriage.
  • Domestic partnerships can be used by heterosexual or homosexual couples who live together but are not married. Usually, a couple must register their relationship at a government office.

Problems during a marriage

Family lawyers offer a good deal of insight when issues arise during a marriage or relationship. One or both partners can consult a family lawyer in regards to spousal abuse, adultry, bigamy or incest.

Issues related to children

Family law can effectively address issues that relate to children in a family entity. For example, it can address questions of paternity and legitimacy, adoption, emancipation of minors and parental responsibility. It can also address serious issues like child abduction and child abuse.

Family law is also often used in cases of adoption and the assigning of legal guardianship. Once a marriage has ended, family law is an effective means to revisit needs of parental visitation, access, custody and child support.

Termination of relationships

Family lawyers can provide services related to the termination of a marriage, including divorce and annulment, as well as property settlements and alimony.

Scope of the court

In many jurisdictions in the United States, family courts have the most crowded dockets. All social and economic classes are parties within this system. Since family courts are often underfunded and see a number of economically dependent litigants, many people believe that the system prejudices the needs of these parties.