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The Dobermann, or Doberman in North America, is a domestic dog breed that is commonly used as guard dogs and police dogs. They are sometimes referred to as Dobermann Pinschers. They are considered to be loyal and very intelligent dogs with a life span of approximately 12 years.


Louis Dobermann, a tax collector in Germany, was the originator of the breed in the late 1800’s. Fearing for his safety as a tax collector, he wanted a breed that was intelligent, loyal and strong, as well as fierce. The breed development was later continued by Philip Gruening and Otto Goeller. No one knows for sure what exact breeds were used in the creation of the Dobermann except for one documented use of the Greyhound. However it is widely speculated that some of the breeds used were the Pinscher, the Thuringian Shepherd Dog, the Great Dane, the Rottweiler, the German Shorthaired Pointer, and the Weimaraner with the German Shepherd Dog being the single largest contributor to the gene pool.


Known for their loyalty and intelligence, Dobermanns make good house pets even in homes with small children. This is a very affectionate breed that generally only attacks people when it feels that its family or property may be in danger. The typical coloring for a Dobermann is the classic black and tan, however there are other color variations such as the red and tan. Dobermann are born with a tail that is longer than most dog breeds, however most owner and breeders have the tail docked within a few days of birth. Many Dobermanns also have their ears cropped, giving them the classic ‘’Dobermann look’’, however some counties have banned the act of cropping and docking. More and more owners are choosing not to have their Dobermanns ears cropped, viewing it as inhumane to the animal.