Constantine (film)

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A man, with a spirit that travels from earth to heaven and hell, aids a woman whose sister has committed suicide under strange conditions. The woman, a cop, doesn’t believe the story and seeks the man’s help. He dies, visits hell and cuts a deal with the devil to bring the sister back to life. Heaven approves of this selfless act and welomes him.


The timeless, classic war between good and evil takes a mean twist. John Constantine(Keanu Reeves)is a mystic whose occult beliefs prompt him to seek God’s forgiveness.

As a boy, Constantine is in contact with angels and demons. He’s aware that Satan and the forces of darkness struggle to entrap souls for eternity. Misunderstood by family and friends, he commits suicide to escape his loneliness. His soul is transported to hell, but not as a permanent resident. He’s only dead for minutes, but it’s an eternal lifetime. His soul is resurrected from hell so he can fight evil. During his life, he encounters a girl, who is possessed by a demon. After he exorcises the demon, he meets a skeptical female cop, Angela Dodson(Rachel Weisz)whose younger sister has recently died. All the evidence points to suicide, but she’s not so sure.

Constantine smokes cigarettes constantly to put himself in danger of death by cancer, so he can die and confront Satan. When he dies he faces Satan about the girl. He cuts a deal by informing Satan that the Satan’s son has conspired to overthrow him and rule earth and hell. this is in exchange for releasing the girl from his clutches.


Heaven regards his act as noble and selfless and accepts him into heaven. But Satan is angered because he wants Constantine’s soul for his own and is convinced that if he can send him back to earth he will commit enough evil to be sent to hell at death on his own terms. Good and evil are sharing the same person at the same time.