Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (film)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory directed by Tim Burton, written by John August, and produced by Brad Grey and Richard D. Zanuck is a fantasy film, distributed by Warner Brothers and released on July 15, 2005.

In a city, a boy lives with his family on the poor side of town. Nearby, a chocolate factory, which is the object of his dreams. The boy’s father has lost his job, by the candy maker and owner of the factory states that if certain conditions are met the boy can have a tour of the factory and the special surprise of knowledge.


A poor little boy, Charlie (Freddie Highmore) watches the great chocolate factory every day and has dreams about it. There’s so much chocolate in there.

Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) the famous owner, has announced that the factory will be open to anyone who finds the golden tickets in the Wonka candy bars. They will also receive a special prize, as well. Since Charlie’s family is poor, this is the deal of a lifetime. But Charlie’s family can’t afford to buy candy bars, especially since Charlie’s father has lost his job.

Luck is riding with Charlie. He finds some money on the street and buys a Wonka candy special. In the candy is the last ticket.


The family chooses Grandpa Joe to escort Charlie in the tour. Grandpa Joe worked there a long time ago. Charlie is in heaven. While there, he sees all of Willy Wonka’s inventions, the candy treats, the nuts, the glass elevator that shoots anywhere in the building...everything. Other kids on the tour are behaving badly and are removed. Only Charlie is left and Wonka tells him the secret. The secret about the keys to the factory.

This is the second adaptation of the book. The first adaptation was the 1971 film.