Capote (film)

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After reading the newspaper story, Author Truman Capote begins an investigation the brutal murder of four family members on a farm in Kansas in 1959. Once the killers are captured, he cultivates a relationship with them; and he becomes emotionally involved during the appeal process. He is conflicted about their guilt and execution.


After reading about the slaying of a family in rural Kansas in 1959, Truman Capote(Philip Seymour Hoffman)travels to Kansas to begin research on the case with his associate Harper Lee(Catherine Keener). He investigates the background of the family, and police reports and when the killers are captured he meets them to discuss the incident.


Over a period of five years, Capote continues his probe, and becomes close to one of the killers, Perry Smith. He discovers a similarity to his life, becomes sympathetic toward their cause and helps to push through appeals for them. In one sense, he regards them as victims of their childhood, values and the pain that they had to endure. When all the appeals run out, they are slated for execution. Capote is writing a book based on the event, so he probes deeper when it appears that their lives will end. His motives are never completely clear. He is hurt by the prospect of their death, yet acknowledges the crime and their guilt.

Ultimately, he is witness to their execution by hanging. He is scarred by their death and sinks into alcoholism, after the publishing of the bestseller, “In Cold Blood,” which was based on his probe.

Philip Seymour Hoffman won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role. as Truman Capote.