Cabernet Sauvignon

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Cabernet Sauvignon is a red skinned grape that is mainly used for wine production. Along with Chardonnay, it is one of the most widely-planted grape varieties in the world.. It is grown in most wine regions around the world, although it does requires a long growing season, and gives relatively low yields. Many of the red wines regarded as among the world's greatest, such as Red Bordeaux, are predominantly made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The thick skin of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape results in wines that can be high in tannin. This provides both structure and ageability. This varietal tends to lack mid-palate richness and so is often blended with lower tannin, but fleshy tasting grapes, particularly Merlot. In Australia, Shiraz / Syrah. Cabernet Franc is often used, in blends with Cabernet Sauvignon, to add aromatics. Cabernet Sauvignon wines are generally full-flavored, with a smooth, lingering finish.

Around the world

The grape is most strongly associated with the red wines of Bordeaux, France. In Italy, the Cabernet Sauvignon grape falls outside the DOC system, but has been used to produce some very fine wines, known as Super Tuscans. In the United States, California is, after Bordeaux, the largest grower of Cabernet Sauvignon.

New world producers

The consistently optimal climate, strong investment and innovative winemaking techniques have allowed countries such as Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Australia to produce very good Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines, at competitive prices.