Beauty mark

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A beauty mark is a congenital or acquired mark on the face or other body part that is considered by the culture to be attractive. In Western cultures, beauty marks occur most often in females and occur usually on the face.


Beauty marks may be flat or raised and are dark in color with respect to the rest of the face. The locations of the most attractive beauty marks are around the upper lip or around the eyes. The most attractive marks are not raised but this is not consistent. Most of them are actually freckles or moles, although some people tattoo marks or apply them via make up to give the appearance of having a real one.


Many celebrities are known for their beauty marks and the marks are mimicked for that reason. Marilyn Monroe made the beauty mark fashionable in the twentieth century. More recently, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Robert DeNiro and Cindy Crawford have marks that are considered beauty marks because of the cultural attraction to them.


Those without beauty marks can have them tattooed permanently on their face using traditional tattoo techniques. Others will apply them with makeup such as eyeliner in order to look more like the celebrity they want to mimic. In other cultures, however, the mark that is considered beautiful is not necessarily the same as in Western cultures.