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White has a duality to itself when it is used to define colors of physical colors and in describing white.


White is a color that contains all visible lights and has no hue to it. The opposite to it is black. The work of Newton proved this and was able to define that white was the combination of all colors seen by the eye.

Physical colors

In physical colors, white is the color with no pigmentation. White lacks having any physical color within it. The color is created by what color is reflected, in terms of white all colors are absorbed except for white.

There are various white pigments of white and all are still available save for flake white. Flake white is lead white and has been determined as toxic.

White in other terms

White is used to denote the race Caucasian people. This is typically those from European and west Asian descent. They have a lighter color that ranges from a pale brown to a pinkish color.

White is also used in weather with the color of ice and snow being related to this and the term whiteout which is where vision is near zero due to weather conditions.

Whitewash which is to blanket the truth with a layer of lies. This is a common term in politics and in propaganda.

In Chinese and Indian tradition white is the color of mourning and death, such as for seeing ghosts or phantoms. It is common for cultures to view white as a color that represents the afterlife. In some places it is considered good to give white flowers to a deceased family member or friend.

White also represents virginity, purity, and peace. This is prominent in cultures throughout the world. In some countries it is considered the color of unconditional love.

White is also a term used in music recording, this is called white noise. This is background noise that can be heard as a sibilant sound.