Wellness (medicine)

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Wellness as a medical term refers to the state of being healthy, but its contemporary usage also describes an interest for prolonging the state of being healthy.


Subjective meaning of wellness

The subjective implication of the term refers to the perception of the subject as being healthy. General ideas in this context imply a sense of general comfort (both physically and mentally), a physical condition that does not impair the social or physical activities and a lack of any chronic disease whose effects can be felt by the subject. Do note, however, that the subject may feel perfectly well and have a physical or mental affection at the same time.

Objective meaning of wellness

The objective implication of the term refers to the medical state of being fit, physically and mentally. Wellness can be, to some degree, measured in medical terms, being characterized by a good functioning of all the systems in the organism, an absence of any long-term affecting disease and normal parameters of all body functions.

Maintaining wellness

Wellness as a concept is often associated with an avoidance of agents that have adverse effects and an interest in maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. Common practice includes physical exercise and a good nutritional control, avoiding cholesterol-rich aliments for example.

Wellness as an interest started to become mainstream during the 19th century, as the middle class emerged from its initial roots. In fact, many common commercial products today are marketed with reference to this interest, such as soap, tooth paste, shampoo and mineral water as canonical examples.

Scientific debates

The common debate is that of the scientific validity of some techniques. While some techniques associated with keeping wellness are not questioned, some techniques, like exploiting the placebo effect instead of administrating real medication are under serious doubt. Many specialists are pointing out that exercise associated with wellness and alternative medicine are not valid replacements for traditional medicine in case of more severe affections.