Vera Wang

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Vera Wang is a fashion designer who specializes in wedding dresses. She was very educated very well as a young girl.

Early life

She attended the Chapin School and the Sorbonne in Paris. She also graduated from New York’s Sarah Lawrence College. Vera Wang’s passion for fashion when her mother took her to fashion shows when she was younger. As a young woman she wished to be a figure skater, but she didn’t make the Olympic Team in 1968, she turned to a career in fashion.


Vera Wang worked as a fashion editor for Vogue Magazine and then in 1990 she opened her own design salon in New York City where she started to make her own brand of wedding dresses. She has made figure skating outfits for Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan. She has also designed wedding gowns for celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham. Vera Wang wrote the book that is titled Vera Wang on Weddings. Also, in 2005, she won the Council of Fashion Designers of American Women’s Wear Designs Woman of the Year.

Personal life

Vera Wang is married and has two children that she adopted named Josephine and Cecilia who were both born in the 90s. She and her family live, work, and go to school in New York City.