Veggie burger

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A veggie burger is a burger that is made without any meat ingredients. They are commonly made with vegetables, fungi, nuts, dairy, texture vegetable protein, and soy.

The Good

More and more fast food places are adding veggie burgers to their menus, although not enough to expect it from every place. This makes it easier for people to go out with friends or family and have the non meat burger without any special concessions.

Veggie burgers are considered healthier than the traditional hamburger, due to no grease and animal fat. They also make it easier for people to eat a burger without the guilt of the excessive calories that come with a hamburger.

The Bad

Despite that veggie burgers tend to be cheaper than other meat alternatives, they are typically more expensive than meat itself. This makes it an expensive diet to have.

There are some veggie burgers that are difficult to notice as non meat, but this is not the case in most instances. For the texture and the taste will usually be different than real meat.

If purchased at a fast food restaurant, the veggie burger is normally cooked in the same place as the meat patties and that means that the veggie burger is cooked in the same grease that the meat patties were.


Many people have devoted the time to finding out where to go to get the veggie burgers and where the patties are prepared properly, but this is a taxing process that many are hesitant to pursue. It comes down to a question of dedication. Many are willing to devote the time, assuming that they have it to devote.

Veggie burgers have been around for some time and seem to be gaining so notoriety among the restaurants. Eventually, it is believed that more and more of the fast foods places will be implementing meat alternative burgers.