Trading card

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A trading card is a small card with a picture of a sports personality, star, or other popular idea or person.

Collecting trading cards

'Trading cards' are small cards with pictures of popular people or concepts on the card. Trading cards are intended for collecting. Sometimes trading cards are a promotional item for other products such as cigarettes, gum, candy, or other such items. Some are packaged as cards only, also. Rare cards, a complete series of cards, beginning issues of cards as well as cards in good condition and cards with errors are possibly worth more money. Some cards are quite collectible, and can be worth quite a bit of money. Trading cards are fun to collect and trade, especially if you have duplicates. People tend to collect cards about subjects that interest them, such as sporting events, famous sport stars, and other hobbies. Baseball cards are possibly the most famous of all the different types of trading cards. Other types of trading cards are designed to be used in playing games. Sometimes these trading cards picture characters in comic book or cartoon characters, or a television series. Some of these cards are designed for playing trading card games. The number of cards a person gets in a deck of trading cards can vary, but is frequently about 10 cards per pack. Many dealers specialize in trading cards, and can be good sources of information about the cards themselves.

Types of trading cards

Some trading card companies are Action Packed, Collector's Edge, Comic Images, Leaf, and Pacific, In the Game, Pinnacle, Play Ball, Sage, Upper Deck, Topps, and Wild Card.

Some of the types of trading cards available are cigarette cards, sports cards, boxing, golf, and hockey. Racing, baseball cards, collectable card games, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Star Trek and Star Wars. Disney, Yu-gi-oh, Dick Tracy, Bay Watch, and the Beverly Hillbillies also have trading cards. There are many more types of trading cards.