Toilet attendant

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The Toilet attendant is an individual that has the job of maintaining all standards in a public toilet room. This translates in cleaning up and making sure the space of the toilet is hygienically safe, taking the necessary action when it is not.


If the toilet attendant is working in a pay toilet he will also be (in most cases but not always) the person that collects the usage fee. The amount of money differs by region, country and the facility. Some modern public toilet systems have introduced a coin tax solution. The needed amount of money is entered in the machine, which will open only if the right sum is provided.


Many people feel uncomfortable with the presence of another individual in the restroom. Because of this several toilet attendants have extra rules in some buildings. In cases, one may not enter to perform his duties unless there is nobody else using the public toilet. The individual’s duties are usually those of simple cleaning and maintenance but other special tasks can be given to him like giving out perfumes for instance.


Modern toilet systems have started to remove the need for toilet attendants because of electronic functions that makes everything automatic from flushing the water to cleaning the toilet itself.