How to survive a family discord

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To survive a family discord requires both patience and tolerance on the part of all the involved parties. Families unlike friends cannot be chosen according to our compatibility and likes and dislikes. One is born into a family and all the members are stuck with each other for better or for worse for their whole life. It is true that blood is thicker than water but it is also true that many family members spend their whole life not speaking to another family member, a sister, a mother or a brother. There are many ways to avoid a conflict between members of your family; some of them are enumerated below.

A few suggestions

  1. Try and discover a pattern in the family feuds. Keep out of the scrapping yourself but watch the fighting members objectively to find out what triggers an argument. In fact if you watch and listen dispassionately you might find that the you do not dislike your family after all, it is just that they are all so different from each other that togetherness causes mayhem.
  2. Remember that it is not possible to get along with everyone all the time. We are all humans with human failings and fighting is a very common human failing. In fact if things didn’t get stirred up from time to time then life would become pretty boring.
  3. Be patient and try and work towards being friendly. Even if you go to bed grouchy make the effort to be nice to everyone the next morning. If you are nice to people, people will be automatically nice to you.
  4. Sometimes fights will happen however hard you try to avoid them. During such situations let the fight wash over you and spin you around. Just try not to let it get out of hand.


  • Exercise tact. Even though they are your family and you do not need to stand to ceremony for them, there is no harm in showing occasional tactfulness and avoiding an argument.


  • Don’t goad the fight further by refusing to give in and holding a rigid opinion.