To persuade your parents to allow you to keep a dog

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To Persuade Your Parents to Allow You to Keep a Dog can be more difficult than requesting them to increase your allowance or your curfew time. This is because the decision to buy a dog cannot be taken lightly. To get a pup or a dog is almost like adopting a new baby in the family who will share your family space for many years and who will need constant expenditure in terms of your time (and effort) and money. But if you are sure that you up to it then go ahead and follow the tips given below, to help you convince your parents.

A few tips

  1. If you are very sure that you do want a dog in the family then make sure that you read up everything on the breed of dog that you want. Make your decision about the breed after reading about it or getting to know it (because a friend has it) and not because it is a ‘cool’ breed to get, very eye catching and exotic.
  2. Tell your parents that you want a dog at a time when they are in a good mood or particularly pleased with you. Don’t spring it upon them all of a sudden; build up your case well.
  3. Be prepared to answer all questions that your parents might put to you like do you know how to look after it, what it eats, how many times it needs to be taken out etc.
  4. You also should prepare yourself to spend a lot of time and money on your pet. Tell your parents that you will do all that is required for the dog, training, feeding, bathing, taking it for walks and taking it to the vet.
  5. You could also, as an alternative, get a dog from a friend and look after it for a week to convince your parents about the feasibility of keeping a dog.
  6. If they still do not come round to your way of thinking meet them halfway. Tell them that they should get you the dog on the condition that you would take care of it absolutely.


  • Read up everything you can about the breed you want to get before buying it.
  • Be under no misconception about the time and effort that goes into looking after a dog. There is no turning back once the dog has been bought.


  • Do this with your eyes open, don’t regret your decision later.