To look after a three or a four year old

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To Look After a Three or a Four Year Old can be loads of fun but also requires you to keep your wits about you. Looking after a two or a three year toddler is different and much more fun than looking after babies because toddlers generally don’t vomit and many toddlers have had their toilet training by the age of three. Then again you can play with a three year old and feel like a kid again. Here are a few pointers on how to look after a two or a three year old kid while his mom is out.

A few suggestions

  1. You could try playing with the kid. Most toddlers love to horse around and you could just join in and feel like a kid yourself. Don’t do it as a sufferance because kids have this inner sense which lets them know when an adult is playacting.
  2. Keep lots of toys around you because a toddler’s attention span is really short and he/ she will be flitting from toy to toy within minutes. Trucks, dolls, building blocks, stuffed toys and plasticine generally will help but you could also keep a few spoons, soft brushes, and wooden or steel bowls (that they can bang) to provide variety.
  3. Help them with whatever they are playing. If they are playing with a doll, maybe you could help dress it or if it is a set of building blocks that interests them then you could help build towers for them to knock down.
  4. Read to them. Kids love listening to stories that they cannot read themselves. In fact ask them to pick out their favorite book and read it to them clearly and slowly. If you have carried some books yourself then make sure it is book that has a lot of pictures and big lettering.


  • Toddlers find singing very restful, so try singing to them.
  • Take them for a walk in their stroller, fresh air is good for both you and the toddler.


  • Don’t let them play with forks (when you give them spoons) or other sharp things that might cause accidents.
  • Don’t panic when they cry, give them a drink of water or juice and check their diaper.