To let your spouse know how much you love them

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To Let Your Spouse Know How Much You Love Them is actually very simple if you really do love your spouse. There are innumerable ways to show a person that they are loved and cherished, in fact the opposite would be more difficult. If you love a person absolutely then you want to do things for them that they like, make them feel pampered and adored. When you do something for your spouse it gives you pleasure because in reality you are doing it for yourself. If you still need help here are some guidelines to get you started.

A few suggestions

  1. To love another person you have first to be totally at ease with yourself. Loving another will follow if you love yourself. There are certain facets of your personality that you are not totally comfortable with, learn to live with them and accept them, only then will you totally accept another person with their good points and their flaws.
  2. Verbally let your partner know that you love them. Say it in whatever manner is true for you, for example – ‘my whole being lights up when you walk into the room’ or ‘just thinking of you makes me smile’. What you say is secondary to how you say it, with meaning and truth.
  3. Let your actions also show that you love your partner, greet them with a smile when they return home, draw their bath, massage their feet or shoulders, do something that you love doing for them and that which will give your partner pleasure.
  4. Spend time with them just being together. You don’t need to talk so much as shut out all external disturbances as the phone or the television.


  • Remember when you love someone wholeheartedly, you rarely go wrong. Follow your heart and your instincts and you will be fine.
  • Cherish your relationship, get down on your knees and thank God for letting you love and being loved in return, it does not happen to everybody, you are very lucky.


  • Don’t have the misconception that you need to buy expensive gifts or spend a lot of money to show your love for your partner.