To learn self defense

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To Learn Self Defense is not just about learning a few new techniques and keeping fit but also about feeling confident and positive. It is about all those things that we do on a day to day basis to make our lives safe. Knowledge of how to defend ourselves not only gives us confidence but also gives us the ability to turn our anger and fear to power, to help ourselves and others around us, should the need arise. Learning self defense will require going to classes to take lessons and this will require information about such classes. You can take the help of the following pointers to guide you.

A few suggestions

  1. First, find out where such classes, if at all, are held in your vicinity. You could ask someone who is himself/ herself taking such lessons or you could ask a person who teaches at such a school, if you can locate such a person.
  2. Find out if there are any rules regarding admission to such schools, apart from registration and fee deposit. May you require getting some license or permission from appropriate authorities.
  3. Asking the local police authorities is a good idea. They would have a list of all registered schools that run self defense classes and may even help you to choose one that befits you best according to your age and gender.
  4. If you are still not satisfied, you could try the local phone directory, it will have the listing of all self defense schools in your area. A local fitness center also may carry an advertisement bill board of such a school.
  5. When you do pin point a school that seems to fit the bill, find out about its reputation and its instructors before taking admission.


  • Watch the people taking lessons, do they seem like you or do they make you uncomfortable, take admission only if you are absolutely satisfied.
  • Remember, once you start the lessons and learn to enjoy them, the learning process will become that much easier.


  • Don’t do anything dangerous to harm yourself or others while taking lessons. Your life and limb are more important than anything new that you might learn.
  • Learning self defense does not give you a license to bully others. Remember that you are not supposed to settle old scores through the techniques that you learn.