To get you child to do homework without you losing your patience

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To Get You Child to Do Homework Without You Losing Your Patience does seem like a tall order but it is absolutely do-able. Homework is generally the troublesome area for parents as well as children and a little tolerance on both sides will smoothen matters considerably. Doing homework with your child not only helps you bond better with your child but your child is more likely to complete assignments successfully if you monitor the homework. So make this daily routine a fun time instead of a time that you dread and struggle to get through each day. Take the help of the following tips.

A few suggestions

  1. First, let your child know that homework is important, for the child because it is the child’s school work and for you because the child is important to you.
  2. Decide early on how the lessons are going to progress, are you going to just keep a watchful eye and help as and when the need arises or are you gong to help all through. Find out which suits your child better and continue accordingly.
  3. It is best to start off with helping the child with everything and then when he/ she get the hang of doing things, weaning them off. It is not right for the child to get too dependent on you and for you to spoon feed the child for too long.
  4. So let your child do as much as he/ she can without intervening. Even then do not jump right in and tell the answer. Instead ask leading questions so that the child catches on and arrives at the answer himself.


  • Set aside a specific time and place to do homework each day.
  • Praise your child at the end of the time for what they have accomplished.


  • Don’t pitch in to help without first understanding what is required. Read through the assignment completely and only then offer to help.
  • Don’t try to be an expert in every subject area, just supervise.