To cope with crisis is not easy for most of us and requires great mental toughness and maturity to handle

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To cope with crisis is not easy for most of us and requires great mental toughness and maturity to handle. Every person in this world faces problems sometime or other in his/ her life. Sometimes people simply take these problems in their stride and move on but infrequently the crisis is too big to be dealt with casually. During such times one requires to draw upon the reserves of mental strength (that is there within each of us) and stop to fix things before moving on. This is the time when the true personality of the person comes to the fore – the steel shows or the soft wood is exposed. You can learn to deal with problems and handle crisis better by teaching yourself how to. Here are some guidelines to follow in times of trouble.

A few suggestions

  1. First thing to do in times of trouble is to not lose oneself in it. Take good personal care of yourself. It is always easier to deal with problems on a full stomach and a rested body. Stress will only add to the crisis and make it seem bigger than it actually is.
  2. Breath deeply and think slowly. Panic reactions usually lead to wrong decisions and also shut your ears to the advice of other people.
  3. Take a balanced view of the situation. Take stock of the situation by weighing all the pros and the cons and do not allow room for self pity. It will make the problems heavier and the picture will show skewed.
  4. Take action based on your analysis and keep your spirits high.


  • Meditation helps one relax and thus put things in their correct perspective. So meditate, it will help subside the panic
  • Think of people who are in worse situations and are still coping and managing to stay happy.


  • Don’t give in to knee jerk reactions and panic. Learn to endure.
  • Don’t let the crisis affect you so that you negate all the good things in your life. Count your blessings and move on.