The Crüxshadows

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The Cruxshadows are among the most dominant darkwave/goth bands around this date. They were started by three men, one of whom still remains, Rogue. They originate from Orlando, Florida and have been around since 1992.

The Start

Rogue’s beacon voice, their unique style, and the combining of electric violin, guitar, and synthesizer have made the Cruxshadows overcome the overlooking by numerous critics in the beginning.

For the brunt of the time that the band has been around they have been with Dancing Ferrets Discs and have had a high level of fame partially due to their good means of worldwide distribution.

Although they haven’t had critical acclaim in the United States, the band has had high praise in Europe and has been consistently among the upper area of the German alternative charts since 2002.


Since 1997, the band has had high praise in European magazines for their blend of 80’s style music and a unique dose of Gothic genre style.

In Germany, they have been seen on numerous television shows and the covers of various magazines.


The band spends more time on the road than most bands would ever want to. They typically perform over a hundred shows per year. They could easily perform in front of thousands, yet the also perform among smaller crowds in smaller United States and European cities so that these people may have the opportunity to see them perform.

The primary interest of the band is to ensure the enjoyment of the fans and to always give them a show that they will talk about for months to come. Normally their concerts are sold out regardless of were they perform. The Cruxshadows have also performed in areas where Gothic bands haven’t played since Sisters of Mercy had toured for one of their CD releases.