Technical director

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A technical director (also known as a TP or technical producer) is a person that has the highest technical preparation in a certain field of activity inside a production crew. Sometimes he might even be the highest prepared of all the production company and is considered an expert in that field. In other cases he might not be as high ranked but will excel in other skills that make him the right man for the job. The Technical director can be involved in one or more projects and will sometimes have to report to a chief technical director.


The job of a technical director may have different responsibilities based on the type of project he/she is involved in. For example, in a PCR (production control room), the TP has to make sure that all the equipment used is in working order. He/she will also need to supervise the people working in the PCR and has to look into all the problems that appear in all stages of production. A technical director that is involved in theatre productions needs to oversee the rigging and construction of the stage scenery. He/she will be the middle man between the design shops and the theatre. If in live television, the TP will call the shots when it comes to cueing the tape operator. He/she also switches between cameras used and adjusts the sound levels if needed.