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True shrimp are small crustaceans, of the infraorder Caridea, that are found in salt water and fresh water.


As with the term prawn, the term shrimp is widely misused. The mantis Shrimp and the Mysid Shrimp are two examples of unrelated species with the word shrimp in their common names. In many contexts, the terms prawn and shrimp are used interchangeably. The commercial farming industry is one that uses both terms equally. In the United States, the term shrimp is used most often on restaurant menus. In the United Kingdom, the term prawn is more widely used, however use of either is common. In Australia, the word prawn is used almost exclusively. (Paul Hogan's use of the phrase, ‘’I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you’’, in a television advertisement, was intended to make what he was saying easier for Americans to understand, and deliberately varied from that region’s standard wording.)

Shrimps as pets

If owning an aquarium makes a person a pet owner, then a shrimp may be considered a pet. At the very least, many people choose to have shrimp in their aquariuims because they are so useful in keeping the aquarium clean. Both freshwater and saltwater varieties can be introduced to a home aquarium.

Shrimps as food

A wide variety of the larger species, including the white shrimp, are caught commercially and used in food preparation. Recipes utilizing shrimp can be found in the cuisine of many cultures. Examples include jambalaya (a Cajun rice dish), okonomiyaki (a Japanese pancake-like creation), poon choi (a Chinese dish of layered ingredients), and scampi (a term with several different cultural usages). Preparing shrimp for consumption usually involves removing the shell, tail, and digestive tract. As with other seafood, shrimp is high in calcium, high in protein, and relatively low in calories.