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Schlager is a style of popular music that is prevalent in northern Europe. particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Latvia, also to a lesser extent in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

It is characterized by sweet, soft, overly sentimental ballads with a simple and memorable melody. In many respects it is light, pleasant and forgettable pop tunes. Its lyrics are typically centered on love, relationships, and feelings.



The style has been frequently represented at the Eurovision Song Contest, and has been popular since it started back in 1956. Over time though it is increasingly replaced by other pop music styles.

The UK and USA

While at one time music of this style was also fairly popular in the UK and USA, due to the constant change of fashion in popular culture in became out of date. Ever since the 1970s, Schlager has fallen out of favor in the United Kingdom and the United States. Most young people today consider Schlagermusik to be camp music.

Inside Germany

During the mid-to-late 1990s and into the early 2000s, however, German-language schlager saw an explosive revival inside Germany, with mostly young people digging up their parents' old records from the 1970s.

Even distinguished dance clubs would put in a set of schlager titles during the course of an evening, and large number of new bands specializing in covering original 70s schlager tunes, as well as performing "new" 70ish material were formed.

Hamburg revival

In Hamburg, schlager fans still gather annually by the tens of thousands, and dress up in freakish 70s wear for a street parade called Schlager Move. This revival has always been perceived with a bit of irony, and to a certain extent, gay culture.

Party pop

Stylistically, schlager continues to influence the German "party pop" genre to this very day, the music most often heard in apr├Ęs-ski bars and Majorcan mass discos. This is partly due to this and due to the older, more downscale audiences of schlager-based television shows and radio networks. the schlager genre is increasingly, though subtly, associated with the lower strata of the population.