Sasha Cohen

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Sasha Cohen comes from a very athletic family as her mother was a ballerina when she was younger. Sasha was a gymnast before she became a figure skater that became known for her spiral sequence and her spins.


At the Salt Lake City Olympics, in 2002, Sasha finished off of the podium. She has also placed second, thereby winning two silver medals at the World Championships. This year, Sasha won her first National Championships in St. Louis and she won a silver medal at the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.


Sasha Cohen has been a figure skater for many years, but she has not had the same coach for all of those years. Her first coach was John Nicks in California. She left him to go to train with Robin Wagner who helped Sarah Hughes win gold in 2002. However, at the present time, she is back in California with her coach John Nicks.

Fun Facts

Sasha Cohen off the ice loves fashion, eating ice cream, and cooking. She has even watched some of the finest chefs in Paris cook. In addition, she has had a figure skating outfit designed for her on Project Runway. The figure skating costume that she chose was white, had swills, and some cutouts. She will wear the costume during a future exhibition performance. Sasha Cohen is also a published writer.